Exhibit D

Paul Cain's Fast One

Paul Cain's terse, hard, unsentimental novel, FAST ONE, was serialized in Black Mask in 1932--it was just about 70 years ahead of its time. All of Peter "Paul Cain" Ruric's writing for Black Mask carries a unique narrative sophistication told with an "in the know" grace all its own.

Cain was another mysterious Hollywood genius in the Traven "Treasure of the Sierra Madre's" mold. (One of Cain's outstanding film scripts is a complex noir plot that uses trains as well as Hitchcock).

But not much is known about Cain. Not much has been written about him. Cain died in obscurity. But his two famous books of Black Mask material, Seven Slayers (a short story collection) and Fast One (one of the toughest novels to come out of Black Mask) remain in print--often in pirated editions. On this point, our friends at No Exit Press in London have acknowledged Black Mask Magazine Inc. rights to the Cain material, and in the future all No Exit Press editions of Cain published in European editions will be produced under license from Black Mask.

And keep an eye peeled for Paul Cain's complete Black Mask stories to follow the upcoming Jo Gar collection in the Black Mask Press/Crippen & Landru series, Tales From the Black Mak Morgue.