Black Mask fans and pulp fans rejoice! Black Mask has what you're looking for and we're gonna give it to you harder than a lead slug in the gut.

The Black Mask Library
Analysis and coverage of all aspects of the pulp era and insights on what it was like to write for the pulps.

Black Mask Crime Review
Reviews of related fiction, television and film of interest to fans of the genre.

Writer's Guidelines
Want to write for Black Mask? This is what you have to know.

Photo Gallery
Images of the authors who made Black Mask a phenomenon, and other great stuff from the era of the pulps.

Cover Gallery
The pulps were known for their hard hitting stories, but they were also known for those gorgeous covers. Our online gallery is stuffed to overflowing with some of the best!

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Still want more of the pulp era? This is where to get it. Links to some of the greatest pulp fiction sites on the web.

The Morgue
What's in the morgue? Well you'll just have to see for yourself... if you dare...