Pulp Rack
E xcellent website, a reference source for a wide assortment of pulp related topics, one of their recent entries should be of much interest to crime and hardboiled students: Raoul Whitfield: Black Mask's Forgotten Man

Crippen & Landru, Publishers
Crippen & Landru books are first editions of mystery, detection, crookery, roguery, and espionage. Get your copy of Hugh B. Cave's Long Live the Dead here.

Galactic Central Fiction Magazine List
A massive and very useful list and guide to fiction magazines, over 4000 Titles, with as much detail as has been able to be unearthed about periodicity, length of run, publisher, format, page count, along with sample cover scans for many of the magazines.

Hard Boiled Fiction
One page of the Classic Mystery homepage, this one is a great starting point for someone looking for a quick overview of some of the"Black Mask Boy."

Lee Brown Coye Collection
Morrisville State University of New York College of Agriculture & Technology house an impressive
collection of the works of Lee Brown Coye and have built these pages around the work.

The Fictionmags Miscellaneous Magazines Index
A useful and constantly growing index to various magazines that have never been indexed anywhere, all contributed to the Fictionmags Yahoo Group. Titles cover a broad selection of subject matter and contributors. Site is maintained by the indefatigable Bill Contento.

The Thrilling Detective Web Site
A sprawling reference site for fans of fictional private eye and other tough guys and gals who make trouble their business. Lots of profiles of hard-boiled dicks from the pages of the pulps. They also publish occasional examples of the new pulp.

Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction
Professor Marling's excellent overview of the hard-boiled genre with a detailed fiction bibliography, and more importantly, a detailed bibliography of scholorship.

Online Pulps site
Pulp fiction, short and long, drawing from the widest spectrum: detective, western, adventure, love, weird menace, horror, even humor.