Welcome to the Black Mask Morgue.

This is where you'll find all kinds of treasures from the days of the pulps.
One-of-a-kind collectors items. Rare interviews. Oddities.
You know, the good stuff...

  • Exhibit A - An example of the legal wrangling that went on during the filming of the Omni Zoetrope Production of Hammett (1980)
  • Exhibit B - The original dust jacket to Cap Shaw's The Hard-Boiled Omnibus.
  • Exhibit C - Personal inscription by Cap Shaw
  • Exhibit D - Paul Cain's Fast One
  • Exhibit E - A 1946 memo from Albert Gibney
  • Exhibit F - A press clipping from The Philadelphia Inquirer, dated August 11, 1974
  • Exhibit G - Cover of British Edition of a 1927 Short Stories collection.
  • Exhibit H - Collection of advertisements for Black Mask from issues of Author & Journalist