Welcome to BlackMaskMagazine.com, the official web site for the pulp magazine that launched a thousand pop culture dreams.

Were BlackMaskMagazine.com just the cyber-revival of the classic hard-boiled pulp crime mag that first introduced the world to such writers as Dashiell Hammett, Erle Stanley Gardner and Raymond Chandler, it would be a big enough deal… but we also hold the rights for a slew of other pulp magazines: Dime Detective, Strange Detective Mysteries, Detective Tales, Detective Fiction Weekly and others.

And… it’s more, oh, so much more. Imagine it as merely the opening shot of a multi-media barrage that will rock the world over the next few years.

Book imprints, film and television deals, classic reprints, posters, T-shirts, collectibles….

We intend to build this web site into the premiere center for the enjoyment and study of all forms of mass market popular American entertainment, with liberty for all interests and freedom to explore any genre from the most esoteric pulp sideshow to the most mainstream diversions in all media of amusement—including those technologies yet to be invented.

Black Mask would like to thank the following individuals for contributing materials to this website: Keith Alan Deutsch, Boris Dralyuk, Rob Preston, John Locke, John Desbin, John L. Apostolou, Stephen Mertz, Robert D. Wheadon, Ed Lin and Kevin Burton Smith. Though admittedly much of of it was “contributed” under duress….